Fix Your Poco M3 won’t turn on after updating

Poco M3 won’t turn on after updating

if you need Poco M3 that won’t turn on after updating the solution then you are in the right place. The Little M3 has become one of the great protagonists of the most economical range. You just have to take a look at our analysis to make it clear that your purchase is a sure hit. Although, after the last update you are still having problems with this Xiaomi device.

As we told you, it is not the first time that problems appear on Xiaomi devices after an update. And this time it was the turn of this entry range. But, Can you fix the bug that causes the Poco M3 not to turn on after the update? Fortunately, the answer is yes it possible.

Poco M3 update problem affected version

it should be noted that not all models have been affected by this problem, so we leave you a list of the versions of the Poco M3 that do not turn on after the last update:


Luckily the process for fix the problem of the Poco M3 does not turn on after the last update It is exactly the same as solving this failure in the Redmi 9T NFC.

Say that the failure occurs just after updating the Poco M3 via OTA. Many users have noticed that after the corresponding restart the device turns off and cannot be turned on again.

Luckily the solution to this problem with Poco M3 is very easy & simple. All you have to do is manually reboot the phone. To do this, you just have to press and hold the phone’s power button for about 15 seconds to start the whole process.

As you may have seen, the solution to this fault is very simple, So do not hesitate to try this little trick that will surely also help you if you suffer the same problem on the Redmi 9T NFC. Updates like these are rolled out in stages and Poco/Xiaomi should definitely halt the rollout before the problem spreads any further.

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